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 Top Best Places To Visit In South Africa

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South Africa is located at the southern tip of Africa. South Africa is a beautiful blend of cultures adventures beautiful views and natural beauty. And the wild life of South Africa offers the opportunities of rare and iconic animals that only found in South Africa. Exploring south Africa is the most adventures thing as you will definitely enjoy there.

Cape Town

Cape town is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Table Mountain. Cape town is the most famous and well-known city of South Africa. It is a beautiful place with a natural beauty and also famous for its rich history. Travelers love the city to visit as it is also known as the heart of south Africa. The most iconic place in the Cape Town is the Table Mountain, it is the land mark of the city. It is like a tower mountain which has the breathtaking views looks fabulous. You can also enjoy the cable car over there to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beauty of the city. And if you love the adventures life then there is the option of hiking form the top of the mountain which is very popular in the Cape Town as it gives you the beautiful and awesome view. Cape Town is also famous for its beautiful beaches in the world. Clifton Beach, Boulders Beach and Camps Bay Beach are some of them. The beaches are also known as the home for the African penguins. All those beaches are good for sunbathing and for swimming and also for water sports. And don’t forget to enjoy the V&A waterfront in the Cape Town as it is a most popular attraction. This place offers the numerous shops, cafes and restaurants and the lovely breathtaking atmosphere.

Robben Island

Robben Island lies at the coast of the Cape Town. It is a very small island known for its big history. The island plays a very important role in the history of the South Africa. Today, Robben Island is the World heritage Site of UNESCO and also the most visited destination for the people who are interested in the history and culture of South Africa. This island is also known as the symbol of governments oppressions during the apartheid era. As, at that time so many apartheid activists were  imprisoned over there, Nelson Mandela is one of them. Those who are interested in the history of South Africa can take the tourist guide to visit the prison. There are various sections in the prison where you can take a tour including the cramped cells and the exercise yard, and quarry the place where prisoners were forced to work.

Drakensberg Mountain

Drakensberg has the beautiful landscapes unlike a any other in the South Africa. As it has crystal clear streams and the beautiful deep valleys and the huge towering like peaks. The beautiful scenery simply just a breathtaking view. The visitors can enjoy the place by the guided walks or the hiking trails and witnessed the beauty of the valleys and hills. These mountains has rare plants and animal species which is very interesting thing about the mountains and make it a ideal destination for the nature lover visitors. The mountain surrounded by the several indigenous communities as its home place area and they are here from centuries. The visitors can enjoy their traditional culture and their way of living which is very different and a great experience of their lives. You can learn here about their traditions their way of living their custom and you can also enjoy their traditional ceremonies. The most interesting thing about the Drakensberg Mountain is the rock art as it is the home for the several rock art and sites. Thousands of years back art is the beauty of the mountain you can enjoy the place by taking the tourist guide and then enjoy the rock art sites. By the help of the tourist guide  you can learn about the history and also the meaning of the beautiful designs.



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