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Top 10 Things About Chicago

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Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago Riverwalk is situated on the Chicago riverbank. It is a beautiful place with a multi-purpose public space. There are so many skyscrapers and huge buildings over there and there are so many outdoor bars and restaurants near the river side. Its look amazing over there because of the beautiful buildings, explore public arts over there and even you can rent a Kayak or embark on a riverboat and you can enjoy the beauty of city from the river as the view were so beautiful over there so don’t forget to there on holidays and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful city.

Magnificent Mile

Talking about another place which is situated on the northern side of Michigan Avenue there is a city as you can find a vibrant commercial district and the beautiful shopping destinations where you can enjoy your shopping over there. There are so many luxury boutiques, restaurants, bars and the beautiful skyscrapers which amazed you a lot and makes your day. You can also enjoy so many historical places over there as they are not only beautiful but also so impressive. There is a Terracotta skyscraper near to Tribune Tower and there is a historical Chicago water tower as they all are the most beautiful structure of the Chicago must be visit.

Millennium Park

Millennium park is a beautiful park as it has full of arts and there is a unique and different landscaping which is open for public in the year 2006as it is built as a part of larger Grant Park. Many events and music are host their and this pavilion was designed by the famous architecture frank Gehry. There are so many beautiful and unique things over there to see as you can enjoy many attractions there like the cloud gate sculpture and because of the shape of the sculpture it is also known as The Bean. The surface of the sculpture reflects the skyline which looks amazing. The sculpture inspired by the liquid mercury. This beautiful sculpture is just in front of McCormick Tribune plaza. There are so many beautiful parks in Chicago so, must visit those places if you are planning to go Chicago.


Chicago is also famous for its food. If you trip for Chicago you will never get bored from the food over there. As Chicago has a mixed culture because of so many migrants so there is no doubt that you will get the mixed cultured food and dishes over there as the place is the mixture of so many cultures. Chicago is also famous for its iconic Chicago-style pizza so must try it as it covers the several different types of pizzas. You can also enjoy the Chicago-style hot dogs and the Maxwell style polish are some of the special dishes of Chicago which you must try and enjoy it. And for your information your favourite brownies were also invented in Chicago so don’t forget to try this.

The Field Museum

The field museum is known for its natural history and it is also one of the largest museum in the whole world so you must visit there. There is a broad range of scientific specimen and the unique collection. The museum is well famous and around two million visitors visit the museum every year. Chicago museum is well famous for the world-class which covers so many collections from the immersive to contemporary art and also the natural history to science and engineering. So you must don’t forget to visit the museum of science and industry and the contemporary art and so many other thing.

So don’t miss this beautiful place to visit and must go and enjoy the land of beauty.

Adler Planetarium

It is situated outside the Downtown located on Northern Island. The Planetarium is known for the space science exhibition and it has several theatres and a huge collection of huge antiques and the scientific instruments and you can also even observe the objects from there which is placed so far from us in their active observatory it is used for the study of astronomy and astrophysics and the interesting thing about it is that it is one of the historical museum which was founded in 1930.

There is an indoor public aquarium which is very beautiful you must go there and also the Shedd Aquarium which is also very nice.


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