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The Best places Of Mauritius

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White beautiful sandy beaches and the most luxurious restaurants and hotels the blue water which seems everywhere gives fabulous views and full off adventures activities which gives you fun and the beautiful memories and the beautiful island gives you most memorable moments. This place is an ideal destination for the honeymoon. Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean. Due to the volcanic eruption these islands were formed and gives you beautiful experience. The coral reefs all around the country which becomes the attractive view everywhere. The scuba diving and snorkeling lovers loves to go there and enjoy their adventures lives. The tourist guide were available to this fabulous island country.

Trou aux Cerfs

The sleeping volcano crater which is located in Curepipe. The area of the crater is 300 in diameter. This is the most beautiful place in the world as in the center of its there is beautiful lake. This place surrounded by lush green beauty which you can enjoy from the top viewpoint and from this viewpoint you can enjoy the major area view of Mauritius. The view were awesome from this viewpoint.

Curepipe Botanical Garden

In Mauritius the second most beautiful largest garden is the Curepipe Botanical Garden and the area of Botanical garden is around 27 acres which is intersected by the river and the beautiful lake and the place famous for its Nandia Palms. You can enjoy this beautiful garden around 2 and a half hours. So don’t forget to go there and enjoy the beauty of the land

Grand Bassin

This place is about 600 meter above the sea level. There is also the beautiful national park which is located in the southern wester part as it is also the beautiful attraction place for the tourist. This beautiful tourist place is like a home for the huge variety of flora and fauna. You can also enjoy the trekking trails over there as so many trekking trails start from there.

Seven Colored Earth Chamarel Falls

This place is so beautiful the views were awesome as it is the most beautiful attraction place of the Mauritius for the tourist as this place is famous for its 7 colors  clay just at one place. The colors of the clay are red, blue, purple, green, violet, brown and yellow. And the place were full of vegetations lush green areas which gives you the scenic view you can also enjoy the beauty of the wonderful waterfall here which falls from the lush green vegetation.

Ile Aux Cerfs

This is also the beautiful place in Mauritius as this beautiful island is situated near the East Coast. This beautiful island has lovely white sand beaches and the beautiful lagoons and the views were so amazing. This place is also famous for its adventures thrilling activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming. You can also enjoy the sunbath over there as you can feel so relaxed.

Port louis

The another most beautiful place where you can enjoy your day. It is the main port of Mauritius and also the capital city. This place is famous for its beautiful great mountain ranges. This lovely place gives you the best memorable moments as you can make so much fun over there and enjoy the beauty of the land. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy the luxurious tour of your life. As you love to go there again and again and live the most adventures life ever. The greenery, the mountains the beaches, the lovely gardens and the eye catching views everywhere were so amazing. So don’t forget to go there and enjoy your life.


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