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Secrets To moisturize Your Skin naturally

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The top secrets to moisturize your skin. As we all know our todays, lifestyle is so much hectic and somewhere we spend our lots of time outside that means so much pollution around us which led our skin to look unhealthy and dull. As we all love our skin and wants to look beautiful and glowing all the time and wants your skin to look healthy and beautiful. So here are some to keep yourself healthy and glowing. Our routine life is not allowed us to give time for our skin but a little bit efforts makes a big difference, we should need care our skin on the daily basis then, only you can keep your skin beautiful as we all wants to look beautiful.


It is simple as a sound drink water which means you have to drink at least 5 to 8 cups water a day and if you don’t like to drink water then you can definitely eat fruits and vegetables that have high water contain it includes watermelon, bell peppers, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges, celeries etc.

Eat foods With Specific Vitamins

That means eating certain foods that contains vitamins that is good for your skin so, Vitamin A which actually look our elasticity of skin and these foods include liver, lean meats, beans, oranges and red colour fruits and vegetables and we also need Vitamin B2 because we don’t have Vitamin B2 which leads to look our skin dry and patchy. Vitamin B2 foods includes fish and eggs and you can also eats raw or unroasted nuts they are also good in taking care of your skin.

Eats Food High In Collagen

The another, best thing for your skin to eat those foods which are good in high collagen that is chicken skin mushrooms and beef tendons also contain high collagen. And if storing collagen in the body that means you are storing it in the skin too.

Eats foods High In Zinc

You can also eat that are rich in zinc. As zinc basically prevents your skin from getting drying out and looking crackly. So, you also need to eat foods that contain zinc and those foods that are rich in zinc are include pumpkin so make sure you eat pumpkin soup pumpkin smash,

Taking A Bath

Taking a bath is much better than any thing as you can moisturize your skin with rose petals olive oil that helps to moisturize your skin the good thing about is that it not only gives you feeling good but also stimulates blood circulation in your skin naturally which means more oxygen in your skin.

Massage Your Face

Basically massaging your skin helps in boosting the blood circulation in your skin which also brings oxygen in your skin and also allow to absorb moisturizer in your skin a lot better So, in the morning try to massage upward on your before ready for the day and try to massage in a circulation motion gently following the muscles of your face.

Facial Mask

Facial mask is the thing you can do for your skin as it helps to look your skin glowing and radiant. There are so many facial masks available in the market form where you can buy it easily but make sure it should be according to skin. As everyone has a different type of skin and though the products were also available in the market accordingly. Some people have oily skin while some have dry skin some people have sensitive skin so everyone should need to know their skin. You can also make facial mask at your home. Home made mask are very for your skin as they chemical free. For super dry skin apply avocado mask on your skin, You, can directly apply just only by smashing it or you can apply by adding coconut oil or olive oil. Apply and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes on your skin before washing it.

These tips are very affective if you really want to take care of your skin. Do all these things on the regular basis then only you can get the result in an effective way.





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