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How To Prevent Hair loss

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This is the major issue now a days. Hair loss is one of the commonest concerns which can be seen in the Aesthetic Dermatologist today. In the last three years we have seen an alarming rise in the number of patients to come and seeking help for losing hairs.

To really understand why we lose hairs is important for us to know that the follicle has a life of its own as it has a growth phase it has a resting phase and the shedding phase. If this phase will disturb due to various stresses of lifestyle diet and not eating the right amount at the right time and lots of sleeping disturbance and the hormonal imbalances a lot of travel. All of these can cause the disturbance in the hair follicle cycle leading to shedding. If you sheds over a period of time it leads to chronic hair loss or if you sheds very acutely is going to be a short-term hair loss. They can be a diffuse pattern of hair loss which eventually can lead to balding.

First, we need to understand the cause of it and that is a medical management of your hair loss which is why you need to visit a dermatologist. So, what they do is that they first test to find out whether you have nutritional deficiencies of vitamin B12 D3 iron whether there is any hormonal imbalance of insulin resistance polycystic ovaries thyroid deficiencies or increases and once they rule out all of these and correct and find the right balance. They also believe that you should indulge in some very important information that you need to know which is what are the must haves in your diet these are nuts these are some berries these are some dates and the different colour of veggies and fruits and a bowl of yoghurt and a correct balance of protein carbohydrate and fats in your diet. Sometime we think that we know it all but actually it depending on the kind of lifestyle we have which is  sometime very hectic and then your exercising and you are try to work hard and then we have to travel but not able to find out the right balance so its not a bad idea to go to a nutritionist who can make a plan so you don’t need to be on a diet you just need to know what to eat and what combination at what time and that can give a huge kick start to the growth process and this is a building block for new hair so its important for us to realise that you have to prevent it but also have to grow back so this is one of the ways in which they do strategize for a patient.

Good Lifestyle

Sleep right the 12 of mid-night to 4 am sleep is your repair and recovering sleep so please don’t miss on that because it helps you to have a better day in the next day. Exercise is important for those who have polycystic ovary and hormonal imbalances in thyroid is to stay on a low eglomise diet and indulge in mock out your vascular activity power yoga Zumba walks all of these are great full. For those who don’t have any problem they should still be exercising 3 to 4 times in a week and any kind of exercising in which you can feel happy and gives you a good work out and the next thing we need to do that what are the do’s and dont’s  which are so important for us so what should we do so don’t wash your hairs with hot water and avoid rubbing your scalp too hard all of us are love to oil our hairs as oil is not a bad thing its good to lubricating it gives some shine and lustre however if you over oil over applied and try to over shampoo your hair with a really hot hair all will lead to losing more hairs which already weak and also breaking it more so use a table spoon you do gently applied on your scalp put a hot steaming towel for just a short time 10 to 15 minutes and after that just gently wash your hairs with detergent free shampoo this will be a good remedy for dry hairs as well

  • Another thing you need to do is avoid heavy treatment at the salon like the spa’s and the massages atleast till your hairs stop shedding. Now a days its very fashionable and its not a bad idea for texture improvement of the hair but if you are shedding than its not a great idea so at that point you need to wait about 3 to 4 months and then think about other treatments.


Its also now a trend to use sulphate free shampoo these are great products because they are detergent free being so they tend to irritate your scalp a lot less and  so what we call scalp inflammation which is also a kind of irritation of scalp which lead to hair loss if it is minimize by using a right kind of shampoo will help in preventing additional hair loss calm your scalp down and help you to start initiating the growth process of a hair follicles.

So how do we go to grow new hair.

Find out the cause whether it is nutritional or medical or hormonal and then correct it and then you need to know what are the good do’s and don’ts and you need to definitely have a good lifestyle and you should need to use a right hair product which is of good quality and chemical free.

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