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How To Lighten Your skin Naturally

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There are so many skin whitening treatments to get your fair naturally.  Well if your skin is white you can cover all your imperfections. As this saying is famous all over in Asians as existing many variations but the idea was always the same. The most beautiful person you have met is probably snow white. You must have seen those who hide up on umbrellas on sunny or even not on a very sunny day. Put on big white hats and scarfs you may think you care your skin but the issue is big bigger as these peoples carries uncomfortable big umbrellas and hats just to protect themselves from the sun kiss. And the thing is that all the skin care and skin whitening product available in the shops and pharmacies were so expensive and the most important thing is that in some cases it is even dangerous for your health. So why not use the recipes that we have for you. They have very reasonable for you as they are pocket friendly.

*First important thing is that you can prepare it at home

*The other thing is that all the ingredients you required you either have in your kitchen or can also get it from the market easily.

* All these things are easy to use as they are very simple and healthy as it doesn’t affect your health.


The first thing you need to have in your fridge any time is the plain natural yogurt. It’s a product made up of milk so as you probably know that it contains many ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin but what is more important for us is the composition that includes lactic acid and that acid also needed bleaching properties. You can use the yogurt in different variations. You can use the yogurt by taking the sufficient amount of it onto your skin and move your hands in a circulation movement all over your face and then leave your skin for 15 minutes than wash your face with a normal water try this between 2 to 3 weeks and the see the surprisingly changes in your skin. You can also use the yogurt by making face pack just add a pinch of turmeric into to and then apply on your face. You can also use yogurt by adding honey it helps in nourishing your skin just take 1 tablespoon of yogurt an 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 15 min then rinse off your face then see how your skin glow if you use it regularly then it helps you to improve your skin tone.

Orange- If you don’t have allergy with orange then it is also the best thing to apply on your skin, It has great properties which helps to improve your skin tone. Oranges are enriched with vitamin C as it is one of the most important ingredients to help your skin healthy, it also has the bleaching properties which helps to improve your skin complexion even drinking the fresh orange juice daily it will helps your skin to glow naturally. Another thing you can do is you can make a mixture of orange and turmeric just take 2 tablespoon of orange juice and then add a pinch of turmeric then apply it on your face before going to bed like a facial mask, apply it on your face for half an hour then wash t off and then see the result how your skin looks fresh and radiant.

Lemon- This ingredient is also very cheap and easily available. Lemon juice is a natural bleach as it is super effective in lighten your skin. Lemon contains vitamin C which is very good for your skin and its antioxidant properties helps your skin tone to be lighter and smoother. Take out the fresh lemon juice and apply it on your face with the help of cotton ball all over your face. If your is sensitive then you can add some water and then apply it on your face apply it for a while then wash your face with the normal water.


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